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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Someone has blundered

Below is a common example of a blunder I see:

above is the buy and sell orders for Medium Hull Repairer II.  The are selling for just under 5m ISK and the buyers have set buy orders for 1.1m ISK.

. . . . . and also, in the sell orders, as can be seen, is a seemingly cheap sell order for 1,125,000.71 ISK.

well, not quite.  Clearly, it was meant to be a buy order overcutting the last buy order by 0.01 ISK but was entered as a sell order by mistake.

so I bought it.  Easy money to be made there.

Needless to say, I make my fair share of mistakes entering trades!


  1. More likely someone over sold to a buy order. If you sell 4 of an item to a buy order which is only for 3, the 4th item gets automatically put up for sale at the same price. Doesn't matter if there are further buy orders available at 0.01 ISK less.

    1. ah, good point. I had not considered that option. Would make more sense.

  2. Could also be the top buy order person trying to get a seller to copy paste a 1sk lower value when updating sell orders. Creating an order for them. I don't know if anyone would fall for that though.

    1. hopefully a bot might though I would guess any bot program would have the ability to spot that.