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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Eve Prosper - a great interview with Dr Eyjo at Fanfest 2015

There is a cracking interview with Dr Eyjo at Fanfest 2015 hosted by Etienne Erquilenne on the blog of Lockefox on his blog at Eve-Prosper.  Lockefox is the host of the most excellent Eve market videos which i believe are a weekly "must watch" to keep up to date with what is happening on the market.

It is not an interview on how to make billions of ISK but more a discussion on the Eve Market itself.

Dr Eyjo used to be the Eve Economist until be joined the University of Akureyri back in June 2014.

I have talked about some of the lectures he has given in past Fanfest's, notably the Eve Online Economy talk in Fanfest 2014 and the Eve Online Economy Talk in Fanfest 2013

At 10:30 in the discussion on Inflation starts (perhaps very relevant for todays real life where yields and inflation are fast heading to zero and below!).  Dr Eyjo also talks about intervening in the market to keep Plex within set limits.

At 14:15 in the discussion moves to the price of Tritanium (described as the minimum wage for miners!).

At 21:50 in we get the killed comment/question from Dr Eyjo "why are people so interested in inflation [in Eve]?"

At 26:00 in Dr Eyjo reckons he could write a ground breaking paper on the Eve Online financial system and how it relates to the real world.

At 31:00 in, with a CCP employee in the room (CCP Quant), it is confirmed that there is no plans to intervene in the Plex market at the moment.  Indeed, the CCP employee referenced that any action is taken with the view to protect CCP (to me, that indicates that if the ISK price of Plex starts to negatively impact the value of Plex bought for US$ then CCP will step in).

At 35:00 there is a joking conversation about charging players for real time access to universal market data (it would be interesting to see if this could work).

At 38:00 in there is a discussion where the CCP employee states that he would want players to get their hands on all the data available within the limits of game design - but he puts in some caveats to protect players and their activities in the game.

Dr Eyjo had access to perhaps all the data he would ever need.

If i had such access, the first questions i would seek at answer are:

1) How much Plex is sitting in hangers
2) How much Plex is sitting in hangers of accounts that have not logged on in 6 months (i.e. Plex that is perhaps permenantly out of the economy)
3) How much Plex is sitting in hangers of active players but not being used (i.e. shows what Plex is being held as an investment)

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