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CSM9 Blogs

This page, and a section that lists CSM member blogs on the right, lists the CSM 9 member blogs and twitter links for reference.

4 members do not have a blog that i am aware of, all have a twitter account.

Mangala Solaris @awanderingjon
DJ FunkyBacon @FunkyBacon
Sion Kumitomo n/a @siggonK
n/a @progodlegend
corebloodbrothers @corebloodbro
Ali Aras @ali_of_space
Mike Azariah @mikeazariah
Xander Phoena @midi2304
mynnna @mynnna_eve
Matias Otero
n/a @Suecotero
corbexx @Corbexx_NOHO
Major JSilva
n/a @Silva117
Steve Ronuken @fuzzysteve
Sugar Kyle @sugar_kyle

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