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Sunday 21 February 2016

How to use this blog as a beginner to make ISK

I have been getting more in-game and out-of-game emails about this blog.

Worth highlighting right off the bat that the best way to use this blog to learn how to make ISK is to go to the first blog post and read onwards.

For sure, some of it will be out of date but the learning points are all relevant.

I started with 4m ISK and went from there.

Each post talks about my progress to that point in time and what i have done.

Within the first month of the blog i have a post "Summary of route to 1bn ISK Wealth" which does just that.

And then of course there is a page dedicated to the youtube videos that i find useful to learning how to make ISK and a page dedicated to the podcasts that discuss the Eve markets.

And keep an eye on the page where i list the other Eve business blogs that i know of.  Several no longer updated but their learning points remain valid.

My strongest advice is to start small and learn the basics - much of a strategy that works at 10m wealth works at 100bn wealth.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Eve Prosper Interview with Caleb Ayrania

The Eve Prosper Market Reviews are great to listen to.  I highly recommend these as standard weekly events for all market players in Eve.

The producer, Lockefox, has also started a series interviewing the players who operate businesses within Eve.

His third interview was with Caleb Ayrania who is a long time player in Eve so the talk takes a look back at the Eve market places.

49 minutes long.

I liked the parts on prior attempts at Banks and Insurance Companies (i would really like to start one).

Well worth a listen.

As a reminder, Lockefox has done some great interviews on his blog with other Eve business players:

His first interview was with Delonewolf who produces Eve Talk - another Market Review youtube cast to watch.

The second was with Charlinda: