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Sunday 20 December 2015

A good collection of youtube casts for beginners

I came across this collection of youtube casts from Pandemic Horde recently.

It is split into two parts:

Firstly, a series of 10 videos going through the basics of Eve.  Starts as if a new player had just logged on and goes through it all.  Also includes some quick guides for flying in null sec and Asteroid Belt Ratting in null sec.

Secondly, there is a series of Pandemic Horde Lectures which includes a talk on Industry by Steve Ronuken as well as a lecture on surviving in Low Sec.

All good stuff and ideal for those just starting or those thinking about heading into Low / Null Sec.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Eve Talk host on Eve Prosper

The Eve Prosper Market Reviews are great to listen to.

The producer, Lockefox, has also started a series interviewing the players who operate businesses within Eve.

His first interview was with Delonewolf who produces Eve Talk - another Market Review youtube cast to watch.

52 minutes long.

Starts with Delonewolf's history and who he got into the market side of Eve Online.

Delonewolf talks about why he does the market side, what motivates him, how he goes about making his ISK.  He also talks about his hopes going forward for Citadels.

And, of course, the price of Plex is discussed.

Well worth a listen.