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Monday 28 September 2015

A possible sink for Plex - ganker get out of jail card

So, i was ganked at the weekend at an undock point in Jita.  My own fault, Obelisk carrying 2.2bn ISK if cargo.  For i am a fool.  Ganker let me go with my Obelisk once i had jettisoned my cargo.

I warped to my undock point but the ganker was all over me before i had aligned.  And the rest, as they say, was history.

So, anyway, whilst i was watching the ganker undock ship after ship from the larger ship (i assume a carrier) to attack me whilst bumping me with another ship i did wonder if Plex could not be used to save my sorry self here.

So, lets say i could use one Plex to cause Concord to web any ship(s) that are bumping me?  For say a few mins to let me get away?

In effect, i could carry up to 5bn of cargo, say, and i would be willing to use up to 4 Plex to protect me on my journey, in an emergency.  Clearly, that is not a good business model - but i still come out on top (given the alternative was to lose 5bn of Cargo and a ship and pod).

Now, it would not be long before people like myself run out of Plex so this would be all the rage for a few weeks then die down as surplus Plex is used up.

And, you know, maybe half the ISK cost of the Plex used could go to the ship being webbed by Concord - as a compensation to the (would be) ganker?

Anyway, perhaps a suitable sink for Plex?

Clearly, could also cause Plex to rise if it is seen as a way of getting away from a ganker in an emergency!

But, more likely, i suspect it will use up Plex sitting in hangers doing nothing.

Saturday 19 September 2015

New Economic Data about to be published in Eve Online

Hat tip to delonewolf at the Eve Talk for spotting this.

CCPQuant was on the O7 show yesterday (18 September) and announced that the project he had been working on was to do with releasing new Eve Online economic data into the community.

Currently, the plan is for a monthly graphical report showing:

  • ISK sinks and faucets (i.e. a complete summary of the ISK coming in and out of the system)
  • Trade deficit by region (i.e. imports and exports by region)
  • Production and Destruction
  • Various indices like CPI, Gross User Product
  • Total ISK traded daily
CCPQuant is looking for feedback for further ideas.

His part starts at 28:36 in the youtube video below:

Personally, i am looking forwards to this data.

Not yet sure what additional data i would like to see but i am sure there will end up being a whole section on the Plex price!

Edit: corrected to CCPQuant (instead of CCP Guard).

Friday 18 September 2015

Splitting stacks in the Market Deliveries hanger

If you are like me and you like to set up courier contracts from your "Market deliveries" hangar then you would have come across the problem of trying to split stacks in this hangar.

The advantage of setting courier contracts from the "Market deliveries" hangar is that it is counted as a corp hangar and so when it is hauled it will be delivered to the "Market deliveries" hangar in the target station and so accessible by any member of your corp.  This is a better idea than setting up the courier contract from your own "Item hangar" and so when it is delivered you then have to "item exchange" from your char to either the corp or another char - all very tedious.

However, if you want to split items in the hangar it can not easily be done.  i.e. lets say i want to split my Plex into a stack of 34 and a stack of 60.

For example, in the image below i am unable to split my 94 Plex in my "Market deliveries" hangar - if i try the standard shift+Left click and try to split the stack then i get the Access Denied warning:

The "Market Deliveries" hangar is not technically a corp hangar.  The only way to get items into the hangar is to either buy from the market using corp funds or to set an "item exchange" contact up with your own corporation (and even then you need another char (preferably on another account to do this quickly) to accept the items into the corp and so into the Market deliveries hangar).  You can set up courier contracts from the "Market Deliveries" hangar which will be delivered to the "Market Deliveries" hangar in the station hauled to.

Fortunately, i have discovered how to split stacks in the "Market deliveries" hangar.

  • Right-click the item >>>> Create Contract
  • On Page 1/4 of the Create Contract window: Select "Item Exchange" and "My Corporation"
  • On Page 2/4 right-click the item and select "Split Stack", as shown below

  • You can then split the stack as required
  • Then press Cancel on the Create Contract window

Job done!

(edit: corrected spelling of "hangar")