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Eve Economy Website

I have started a new website that focuses on the Eve Economy using the data CCP releases, called


I play Eve for the economy.  It is the deepest economy i have seen in a game where the economy is not the prime aim - in this case, blowing up space ships is.

In prior years i used to look at the monthly Economy Reports released by CCP and commented on them in a limited way.

However, now that my coding skills have improved (notably python using pandas and matplotlib) i can better upload the data, manipulate it and visualize with much more depth and ease than i could on a spreadsheet.

What is the aim of the website?

Initially it will be to get all the economic data released by CCP into chart form.  I still have the indices to do but the RegionalSinks & Faucets, Ships Destroyed and longer term ISK / Production / Mining / Production data is all there.

Once that is done, i can start to cut and slice the data to see what it is telling us.

And then i can start to request more data from CCP.

Where i find them, i am adding links to third party content that also looks at the Eve economy.

And all the charts i produce are included on a chart book on the home page that can be downloaded

What data do i want now from CCP?

Actually, in the first place i am going to start asking for the methodology on how some of the data is calculated.  For example, if i add the daily Production value in October and compare to the sum of the Regional Production values then they are not the same and i want to find out why.  i call these the discrepancy charts.

The website

My ability to create a website is somewhat lacking, to be kind, so it will improve over time.  In the first instance, i need to work out how to update the charts as new data arrives rather than linking the website to my google drive.


Please leave feedback and ideas here.  All is welcome.

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