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Sunday 28 December 2014

Push Industries - Contract Tracker

Push Industries, which is the ingame service (corp) i use to haul my items from one alt to another, recently launched a service which allows players to see the status of their contracts in or out of game called MyPushX.

I can use it to see where in the queue my courier contract is and so get an idea of how long it will take before it is accepted.

All it requires is for each alt that uses it to create an API Key (access mask 0) and then register with the site.

Given i use my corp to set up the courier contracts then i don't need to use this site ingame - i can readily use the ingame contract tab to check.

However, out of game it is useful - no more do i need to log in to Eve to check the status of my courier contracts.  I can use my ipad to check the status and then log in to post the items once Push Industries has delivered them.

It also has a stats page that shows your total history per character,

To date, i have created 601 contracts with Push Industries, total fees paid of 13.8bn ISK, total collateral Push Industries have put up is 714.1bn ISK, total volume hauled 2.7m m3 and total warps 9536.

I suspect there is more that can be done with this - for example, an email could be sent once a contract is completed.

But, so far, i like it.

Saturday 20 December 2014

A quick low risk profit

I noticed this in Dodixie recently - a Brutix Blueprint being sold for 540.7m ISK when the going NPC price is 570m.  I am never quite sure what the seller has in mind with these sorts of sales but there we go.

A quick check on revealed that 570m is probably the universe standard price given it is driven by NPC sellers:

And a quick check on the volume of sales in Dodixie shows that a sale at that 570m does occur every week or so:
Therefore, I bought the Blueprint and reposted it at 569.999m.

And, sure enough, within a week it had been bought:

To me, that is an example of a very low risk way of making 29m ISK less broker fees (0.80% = 4.6m) and Sales fees (0.90% = 5.1m).  Sure, the net margin after all costs is (3.6%) but it is an almost risk free profit of 20m for 10 seconds work.


Tuesday 2 December 2014

Someone has blundered

While perusing the market I spotted this below:

Someone has posted a Capital Energy Burst Aerator I for 1 ISK vs the normal price of 4.6m.

Not the biggest of blunders but I am willing to bet that the seller was infact trying to post a Buy Order for 1 ISK.

As ever, these blunders are for info - I can guarantee that I will make blunders and likely breakeven on the "blunder trade"!