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Eve Online Trading Podcasts

Below are the shows i currently watch on youtube.  They are all related directly or indirectly to making ISK.  And very enjoyable to watch.

All the links to the below shows are below and on the sidebar under "Eve Trading Youtube Channels"

Whilst not a specific market show it does have episodes that cover the Monthly Economic Reports and episodes into Industry and related activities.

Well presented, thoughtful.

The guests it has presenting on the Economic Reports and Industrial discussions are highly experienced and so bring their own perspective to it all.

Good all round.  Won't give you any specific tips nor go into any trading / industrial strategies in much depth.  But will talk about the general economy in Eve and a bit more depth into the broader side of Industry.

Their discussions on wars give a good sense of the activity in Eve which is reflected back into market activity.

And their discussions on the direction of Eve give a good sense on where the market is going in some areas.

The grand daddy of them all.

A weekly show for about 1 hour where Delonewolf, <Meizu Kho> ingame name, goes through a set agenda that can change over time.

For now, the show starts with a round up of any news that could affect markets, followed by a reviews of the markets for Plex, Minerals, PI, advanced moon materials, T2 ships, T3 ships and then a final section that changes each week.

The visual is his Eve screen using the ingame market charts and tables.

Delonewolf discusses the market movements and trends for the above items and gives his views on where the prices are going next.  I like the way he links market price movements to other trends seen elsewhere in Eve.

I find with this show that if i want to benefit the most from it then i need to pay attention, i can't really let it run in the background with me doing something else.

A weekly (often more frequent) series of tutorials on how the author (Red Fall) makes his ISK.  About 15-20 minutes a show.

He has been playing for 16 years now but this is an ideal show for beginners or players wanting to get involved in various ISK making activities.

Looks like the shows have been growing for several months.

He tends to focus on lower priced items but sells in volume - so during his show to you get to see his wallett receive the proceeds of sales being made quite frequently.

He also has an ingame channel <Strange net>

I find i need to pay attention to this show, i can't really let it run in the background.

This is great.  More Investment led.  By that i mean many of the concepts and ideas Oz throws out are about Buying an item now for sale in the future once the price has risen.

Each idea is well explained starting with the concept and reasoning.

Discord Channel is busy.

It is a weekly, sometimes more frequent, 15 minute review on what the presenter is doing in the Eve markets to make ISK.  Occasionally we get a 45 minute video.

It is more focused than, say, Eve Talk, in that it tends to focus on one part of the market at a time.

What i really like about it is that the presenter goes into good detail about why he is buying or selling or investing in the items in focus.  You don't have to listen far into an episode to realize that he knows what he is talking about and likely has a background in economics or finance.

And what brings this all home is that you see his process in action and therefore you are free to use all or some or none if it, as you choose.

It is also clear that the presenter has a good amount of Eve knowledge and therefore is able to take seasonal or other Events within Eve and link them to expected movements of prices to come.

Tucked away in his videos are decent length guides on what tools he uses and how and identifying the best trades and more.

A great one for new players, need to listen from the first episode.

I came across this youtube channel "Gaming since the '70s" that has a weekly 10 to 30 minute video by a player who is following his progression from the start titled "Eve Online: Building my industrial empire - EP XX"

As the player has evolved in Eve each episode is now more broader than a pure Industry narrative to include running a Corporation and all that which goes with it.

But at the start he is playing Eve for the economy side of it - or at least that is his prime desire.

The player, Thanak, starts with no experience in Eve and decides that Manufacturing is the way forwards.

Really enjoying it.  Finding it inspiring.  I listened to each episode from the start where it was more focused on Industry.  I typically listen to it in the background and loads of time i find myself stopping what i am doing to listen more carefully.

Easy listening voice he has also.

From the first episode the weekly video takes us through his mining, processing and missioning at the start to seed his business, and then incursions.  His entanglements with competitors, how he deals with it all and progressing onwards.

. . . . . . and discovers Planetary Interaction, low sec mining along the way.  And a lot more.  Loses ships, gets ganked, fights off pirates, the works.

He discusses what is working and what is not.  and his desire to the the industrial mogul in his part of space.

It is an all round Eve industry narrative.

And this is all through the eyes of someone who is new to Eve which brings its own excitement that we all had when we started the game and reminded me of the third party tools to use.

Not really a market show but some small episodes of this player trying various tasks to measure the ISK generated and then commenting on whether it was worth it.

Nice to listen to and reminds me of how varied Eve can be when it comes to earning ISK.

A project need not be a pure business venture but can also involve getting out there and mixing it up with all sorts of PVE in EVE.

Old shows that i used to enjoy but are no longer airing:

Eve-Prosper: like Eve Talk; ended in 2016; shame.

Eve Online: Life of an Industrialist: typically a 2 to 3 hour show of watching the player over his shoulder as he ran his industrial complexes; ended in 2020; shame also.

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