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Saturday, 20 December 2014

A quick low risk profit

I noticed this in Dodixie recently - a Brutix Blueprint being sold for 540.7m ISK when the going NPC price is 570m.  I am never quite sure what the seller has in mind with these sorts of sales but there we go.

A quick check on revealed that 570m is probably the universe standard price given it is driven by NPC sellers:

And a quick check on the volume of sales in Dodixie shows that a sale at that 570m does occur every week or so:
Therefore, I bought the Blueprint and reposted it at 569.999m.

And, sure enough, within a week it had been bought:

To me, that is an example of a very low risk way of making 29m ISK less broker fees (0.80% = 4.6m) and Sales fees (0.90% = 5.1m).  Sure, the net margin after all costs is (3.6%) but it is an almost risk free profit of 20m for 10 seconds work.



  1. You, and most other traders, seem to forget that most other players in EvE are not traders :)

    I can think of several reasons why someone would list an item significantly below the 'optimal', the most important being they needed cash now and were willing to take a bit of a hit to do it.

    Sure, they could have listed it at the price you did, but what of it? Maybe they're one of the players to whom 29 mil doesn't mean much? Or maybe they just wanted to ensure they got money quickly?

    Or maybe they made a mistake :)

  2. I'd guess the seller just wanted some quick cash. Coulda been gank loot or coulda been something he'd bought a while ago intending to use but never did and finally decided to get rid of it.

    I often do something similar to what you did with skill books. I buy skill books under in a lot of places. Quite often someone will sell a book in lowsec that's hardly worth bothering to courier out or pick up myself. So I'll just slap it on the market at 1 million under the NPC price. It'll sell, usually within a day or two and almost certainly withing a week. Even works in known gank camps like Aunenen, Rancer or Gondista, in fact a lot of the time it seems like it works even better in places like that.

    On some low sec stations, like busy FW hubs or stations where it's the only source of that skill book in the area, I'll even post it for just 1 ISK under NPC price and still get good results.