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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First ISK making Steps

My initial strategy will be to make ISK from Trading, specifically Regional Hauling.

That is, buying items in one system and hauling them to another system in a different region to sell.  More specifically I will be buying from Jita which is the largest trading hub in Eve and selling in Dodixie which is the fourth largest trading hub in Eve.  Its almost like the old style shipping from the Far East to sell into Europe idea.

The beauty of making Jita (Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant) the buy system is that the prices displayed on Eve-Central are very likely to be up to date given it is the most liquid market in Eve.

The beauty of making Dodixie (Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant) my sell system is that it is the trade hub in Gallente space and I am a Gallente character so I get better standings and so lower taxes.

The time spent will be time researching for items to sell, and time spent flying from Dodixie to Jita and back again.  I estimate 45 to 60 minutes a night, at the most - which is ideal for my week nights.

So, I started researching by screening for trades on Eve-central.  Eve-Central is a third party website that relies in players to upload market data through an automated app to its website and therefore keeps a reasonably broad database of prices of items for purchase and sale throughout Eve.  Of course, the data is only as good as the players that upload the data and so gets better at trade hubs which are more concentrated and less useful further out.

on the Eve-Central website:

  1. select "Trade Tools"
  2. and then scroll down to the "System and Region Price Comparison Tool"
  3. Input Jita in the "From:" box and Dodixie in the "To:" box
  4. and then press "Compare!"
This produces a screen that shows the best selling price of an item in Jita compared to the best selling price of an item in Dodixie and ranks them by the difference.

What I am looking for is to sell a range of items that sell at least once a day and make a high percentage profit.  So, for example, buying for 800k ISK and selling for 1,900k ISK.  High margin, low per day volume.

I noted a range of items, mainly Blueprints, noted the Dodixie selling price on a spreadsheet and put each item in my Quickbar to easy reference.  And then I flew off to Jita in my Catalyst, 450m3 space.  Its safe enough, no-one would want to kill an empty Catalyst in Hi-Sec.

I bought 7 items spending almost all my 4m ISK.

15 jumps to Jita, 15 jumps back.  So half an hour travel time if not on autopilot.

I posted the sales on the Dodixie market.

I set up the first sales window through the advanced option, for 1 item, 3 months - and so that remains the default onwards.  Brokers fee 0.93% (paid on posting), sales tax 1.50% (paid on sale).

. . . . . and then went to bed.


  1. How do you find BPO trades now that they have been removed from eve-central? Is there a tool to automatically scrape the market data from alts into excel?

    1. hmm . . . . . I had not noticed that.

      bad news in terms of using Eve-Central to hunt down items, good news in that it brings inefficiencies to the market which traders can profit from.

      I will put my mind to seeing how this can be made to work.

    2. I'm currently trying to make a spreadsheet that can pull data from eve-marketdata, I think that'll do it


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