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Saturday, 19 March 2016

The cost of the repeating Scope video in the Captain's Quarters

Anyone who is docked in the Captain's Quarters for longer than 6 minutes will hear the Scope video: "The serpentis corporation has been suffering heavy losses both in ships and materials etc etc".

Technically, there are two videos being shown:

So here are some quick facts:
  • They play every 6 minutes, one after the other.
  • They use 22mb in total (11mb each)

So, for 1 hour docked in station it costs 220mb.  That all starts to add up if you are in the station updating market orders, working on industry or just have an alt sitting there doing nothing.

And then if you have more than 1 account open . . . . . . . 

If you, like me, have a cap on what you can download and have to pay for additional MB then several hours of playing Eve starts to become a real life financial cost.

It can only make sense to be able to toggle this to play only once per log on session.


  1. or you could stop bitching and just sit in the ship hangar screen.

    1. yes, that works but is hardly an ideal solution. Not so great for new players who may not be aware of that.

  2. More to the point, they should update them to more relevant Scope reports. Frostline finished over two months ago, and the Endurance has been released for over 3 months.

    Anyway, IIRC the CQ videos are bundled with the client so you won't download them more than once.

  3. Eeelso, are these not just downloaded to your shared cache like once ever? so not at all 220mb? There are a few old guides as to how to show your own movie in the CQ and those used locally stored video's that had to be converted into bik format iirc.

    1. i observed my mb usage rising by 11mb everytime one was played - so i suspect it is not downloaded to shared cache.

  4. Yes, they are not cached but downloading every time... and yes, you could switch to hangar view BUT soon™ billboards around stations/citadels/gates will stream videos, too (there's even a contest running right now), and there will be a Project Discovery projection in hangar view (don't know if this will stream or be static)...
    Shared cache contains a lot of files no longer needed, as CCP seems to be unwilling/unable to keep shared cache cleen they don't want to bloat it up with videos I guess.

  5. Fortunately, the currently used billboard videos are found within the SharedCache data (and without sound). For now. But who knows if ccp keeps it that way.
    The snippets currently found within the DoD data are:

  6. Been noticing this. I'm on restricted BW and have a graph running on another screen. You can certainly see when the videos loop.

  7. Yeah its true and shit. I'm on wireless and pay $150 for 12GB. When you look at the ridiculous amount of incompetent updates they push (almost everyday) that are hidden and they don't tell you about...well, that almost adds up to $500 a year I counted once on BS updates and advertising BS. If you don't believe me, then DL a free packet logging program and just open the launcher and let it run. You'd be surprised how much MB goes through there daily just for flashy news updates. But hey...the world is full of scammers. There is unfortunately nothing you can do about it except stop playing the game.