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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Eve Business Youtube Shows

There are currently three youtube shows that i watch each week that relate directly to making ISK in Eve Online.

Eve Talk - a weekly talk by Delonewolf on the market; Life of an Industrialist - a weekly run through of this player's efforts as a manufacturer, also has a shorter mid week update; Strange Net - a weekly, though often more frequent, guide-style show where Strange Net (Red Fall) goes through various ISK making ventures he has on the go.

So, a market discussion show + a manufacturer in operation show + a series of tutorials.  A really good mix.

Links to each are on the side of this blog:

A weekly show for about 1 hour where Delonewolf, <Meizu Kho> ingame name, goes through a set agenda that can change over time.

For now, the show starts with a round up of any news that could affect markets, followed by a reviews of the markets for Plex, Minerals, PI, advanced moon materials, T2 ships, T3 ships and then a final section that changes each week.

The visual is his Eve screen using the ingame market charts and tables.

Delonewolf discusses the market movements and trends for the above items and gives his views on where the prices are going next.  I like the way he links market price movements to other trends seen elsewhere in Eve.

I find with this show that if i want to benefit the most from it then i need to pay attention, i can't really let it run in the background with me doing something else.

A weekly 2 hour show where the author talks on what he is doing and thinking as he works on his manufacturing.  There is also a 10 minute mid week catchup.

The visual is his spreadsheet and Eve screen.

And i mean he really talks on what he is doing as he does it.  Very much feels like the show notes are whatever he is doing.  It works well.

If you want to see how a manufacturer operates in Eve and what it requires them to do - then this is the show for you.

It is the sort of show i can have running in the background and every so often i focus on on what he is saying.

A weekly (often more frequent) series of tutorials on how the auther (Red Fall) makes his ISK.  About 15-20 minutes a show.

He has been playing for 16 years now but this is an ideal show for beginners or players wanting to get involved in various isk making activities.

Looks like the shows have been growing for three months.

He tends to focus on lower priced items but sells in volume - so during his show to you get to see his wallett receive the proceeds fo sales being made quite frequently.

He also has an ingame channel <Strange net>

I find i need to pay attention to this show, i can't really let it run in the background.

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