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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Daily Routine

The two most frequent emails are: how long does my daily routine take; and what do i sell.

So, to answer the first of these.

And recall that I restrict my play time to 30 – 45 minutes on a weekday.  My rl employer works me like a dog.

On any given day when i log in i will have the option of:

1.       Updating the sell orders for my alts in Dodixie and Hek, and posting any items hauled from Jita.  That takes me 20 minutes in total.  Between the alt in Dodixie and the alt in Hek I have about 200 orders up of which about 50% get undercut on a daily basis, if that.

2.       Determining what to buy with my Jita alt and what Skillbooks to be bought which are to be sold by my trading alts in Dodixie and Hek, and also buying the items in Jita + skillbooks, and setting up the hauling contracts.  That takes me 15 minutes.

3.       Updating my “station trading” orders for my alt in Dodixie.  That takes me 3 minutes.

4.       Updating my manufacturing alt sell orders, and adding sell orders for manufactured items delivered to Jita.  That takes me 2 minutes.  I only have about 10 items up for sale at any one time.

5.       Delivering finished manufacturing jobs to Jita to sell.  That takes me 3 minutes.

6.       Determining what to manufacture, buying the raw materials, delivering to the manufacturing station and setting up the manufacturing.  That takes me 15 minutes.

7. Look for new items to haul from Jita to Dodixie / Hek.  Can take 30 minutes and involves me researching prices and trends.

8. Look for new items to manufacture.  Can take 30 minutes and involves me researching prices and trends.
In all the day to day operations (1 to 6) can take about 60 to 70 minutes once i have logged alts in and out – and i would be working flat out.

Hence, on one day i will typically do (1), (2), (4) and on another day (3), (5) and (6).  At the weekends I will look into (7) and (8).

I tend to work out what i need to buy in Jita and what skillbooks I need to buy when i get back from work and get the items bought and set up the Rush Job contracts with Pushx Industries.  And then before i go to bed they have normally been delivered so that i can post them to sell in Dodoxie and Hek, and update all my sell orders in those regions at that stage.

The one thing that being away from home on business for a few days in a row at times is that i don’t need to update my sell orders every day.  Now that i am out of the competitive sub-system market, my other items for sale just sell naturally over time over 2 to 3 days before losing momentum.

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