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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Items to sell for a beginner

The most common question I get is "What items should I be selling?"

In this post I will talk about a good item to sell and some of the thinking behind finding it.

It is a question I tend not to answer for two reasons.

Firstly, given Eve is all on one server, as soon as I say what item is a good idea then that item will be flooded with sell orders and so come down in price.

Secondly, by telling someone what items to sell I am not helping them.  Given my first point, my advice will only be good for a few days and then they will be back again having learned nothing on how to find good items to sell.

When I started my businesses of making ISK back in May with 4m ISK to invest I found the best sellers to be blueprints.  They are seeded by NPCs, so have a base value that they tend not to fall below.  And, with only 4m ISK, I was dealing in blueprints that the big traders completely ignore given they wont move the dials of their wealth.

The missile Blueprints were good earners.

The Nova Heavy Assault Missile Blueprint can be bought from Jita for 600,000 ISK, seeded by NPCs so the price is fixed.  It can be sold in Dodixie for 1.3m ISK making a nice return, about 2 sell every 3 days.  Small stuff, but a lot if your starting ISK is only 4m.

The Nova Heavy Missile Blueprint can also be bought from Jita for 700,000 ISK, seeded also by NPCs so the price is fixed.  It can be sold in Dodixie for 1.9m ISK, about 1 sells every 2 days.

Faster sellers are the Scourge Heavy Assault Missile Blueprint and Scourge Heavy Missile Blueprint.  They can be bought from Jita for 550,000 ISK and 700,000 ISK respectively and sold in Dodixie for 2.6m and 1.8m ISK.  They sell at least one per day but that is good profit for a beginner.

The latter is reasonably stable as shown on the graph below:

The key though is to learn how to find these.

My preferred route is to start with Eve-Central and compare selling prices between two systems.  See my post on how I use Eve-Central.

I found that starting small I then gradually worked my way up to trading in more expensive items and even today I still trade in some of the items I was trading in during my first few weeks.


  1. I like skill books and best named metas for new traders. They're usually pretty safe to trade, most move in high volume and profit margins can be incredible.

    1. yes - I only wish I had discovered them when I started out. They also tend to have a floor price (the NPC price).

  2. Good post, nice blog.

    When I started I traded the items given free on the tutorial missions. I discovered it was possible to take the whole set of missions over and over again from different newbie systems and those +1 implants and astrometrics skillbooks are worth a lot when starting. Plus all the other newbies were green enough to fall for my 0.01 isk buy orders :)

    1. I suspect I was unloading items to you for 0.01 ISK at some stage!

  3. Wouldn't start with BPs, high traffic items that fluctuate such as ammo is best. Low buy order, high sell. I easily make 30-75% profit with a steady income rather than hope that your BP is the one to sell. Makes waiting between the big ticket items easier in the beginning.

  4. Generally speaking I don't think that any item should necessarily be avoided. Whether a noobie realises it or not they're often looking for understanding of concepts (to give confidence) rather than profit to start with. The profit will usually come once they grasp the nuances of buying and selling in the correct places and experience a profit at least once for themselves. Then they can start to see the reasoning behind the actions and launch forward from there.

    So I think 'everyone' is correct!
    BP's, Skillbooks, Ammo... show a beginner how to do it on any one item, they'll see it actually works first hand for themselves, and that usually provides the confidence, early understanding and the impetus needed for them to then access bigger and better profit margins (just as Croda's second point was alluding to).

    1. bang on the money there - once a player understands how trading et al works (quite often by giving it a shot in a small way) then the route to earning a Plex a month to finance their account is just around the corner.