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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Eve Prosper Interview with Caleb Ayrania

The Eve Prosper Market Reviews are great to listen to.  I highly recommend these as standard weekly events for all market players in Eve.

The producer, Lockefox, has also started a series interviewing the players who operate businesses within Eve.

His third interview was with Caleb Ayrania who is a long time player in Eve so the talk takes a look back at the Eve market places.

49 minutes long.

I liked the parts on prior attempts at Banks and Insurance Companies (i would really like to start one).

Well worth a listen.

As a reminder, Lockefox has done some great interviews on his blog with other Eve business players:

His first interview was with Delonewolf who produces Eve Talk - another Market Review youtube cast to watch.

The second was with Charlinda:


  1. really interesting. have you considered also gathering some useful programs for trading or manufacturing?

  2. i don't really use those other than the ones I have mentioned. In time, I suspect I will list those - but at the moment it is only Eve Central, Marketdata and IPH.


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