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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Jita Dodixie Alt setup

The Scene

  • My Main character is in Dodixie – able to post 53 items.
  • My new alt (no skills) is in JIta

The Aim

  • To buy items in Jita, transport them to Dodixie, and put on sale in Dodixie without my Main or Alt ever getting into a ship.

The Process

  1. I look at the items I am focusing on and determine what I plan to restock to sell
  2. I send the required ISK from my Main to my Alt
  3. The Alt buys the items at Jita
  4. The Alt then does an “Item Exchange” Contract with my Main to be collected in Jita
  5. My Main (still in Dodixie) accepts the items into his Jita hanger and so that Contract is completed
  6. My Main (still in Dodixie) then does a Courier Contract with PushX Industries to haul the items to Dodixie
  7. Upon the items arriving in Dodixie (delivered by PushX Industries) my Main posts the items for sale in Dodixie

My Alt can only have one Contract running at a time – hence it is no use my Alt contracting PushX Industries to haul because my Alt would be unable to do any further contracts until the items are finally delivered.  My Main though can have 16 Contracts running at time hence i need to load all the Contracts onto my Main.


  1. Always make courier contracts on the character who will be posting the items for sale.

    When the contract is made by the sales character the items will automatically appear in his hanger when the contract is finished.

    If you make the contract on another character you have to log on the sender once the contract is finished, contract the items to the seller, log onto the seller and accept the contract.

    A lot simpler to keep track of things the first way.

  2. yes, good point. thanks for that.

  3. I wrote a post as a response to this one. You might want to check it out.

    1. thank you for that Kelleris. I like your corporation idea given it cuts out the ISK transfer parts. the one downside of course is that competitors would be able to see my alts and of course the corporation could be war decd - though these seem minor points.

  4. I suppose the alts thing is a valid point. However, if you do not do your own hauling and restrict your trade characters to trading, being war-dec'd is a cause for laughs since you will never undock and therefore will never even become a target. I suppose it is up to personal preference. Personally, I do not even see how a dedicated trade alt would ever attract notice and trigger a war dec. The character I blog with is not in my trade and industry corporation.

    1. Yes, I am liking your idea more and more. I will need to read up on running my own corp and perhaps train a skill or two here and there - but I am starting to like the idea.

      Thank you for your suggestion.