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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Seeding a new market

I have decided to seed the Lonetrek market with the items that i manufacture.

I honestly don't know how this will go, it is not a trade hub.  But if it fails i know i can move the items to another area or send them to replace items i have sold in one of the current trade hubs.

I am hoping i will intercept buyers coming in to Jita and so allow them to make purchases instead of having to try to get to Jita.  Well, that is the plan anyway!

The Lonetrek region one jump out of Jita and so i am using my manufacturer to put the sell orders up.

In all, i have set up 38 items in Lonetrek (as per usual they are slow moving but high margin) which i would hope to sell for c3bn ISK making me a profit of c1.5bn ISK.

My strategy is to put 1 of each item up.  As an item sells, i will be replacing it with 3 of that item.

So far, i have made sales of c700m ISK.  Slow going to date.


  1. Are you using any particular method of choosing your systems - or are you simply listing them in Sobaseki being one jump from Jita? I think the old adage of "go where the people are" probably rings true.

    I don't know the details or what items you're selling however you could probably just list them all at extremely competitive prices in a mission hub (having made them relatively cheaply) and you'll likely find that many traders who haven't manufactured the items themselves will simply buy you out, assuming your prices aren't too far from Jita prices. Which is a big win for you of course!

    1. no, nothing special in choosing my system. All i am doing is posting in the same system that i manufacture in. So for all i know there may be a system two jumps away where people go instead.

      Currently, i sell my items in all the Trade Hubs - sometimes at Jita prices and sometimes more depending on what i feel i can get.