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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Team Security - a nice ISK sink.

We had a very interesting blog post by Team Security where they talked about their war on Bots and RMTers.  The blog post talks about why they do it and what players can do in-game to help.

What interested me was how much ISK they had seized since September 2013.  As shown below in their graph, they have seized 19trn ISK, with 4.2trn ISK seized in March alone!

This is perhaps a major ISK sink in the game.

Though, to put this in perspective, back in March 2013 the size of the Eve Online economy was (called Gross User Product by CCP, or the value created) was about 135trn ISK [source is the Eve Online Economy lecture at the Fanfest - youtube video starts at the correct place on this link].  Hard to know what the economy has done over the last 12 months but perhaps safe to say that in March 2014 Team Security took 4% of the economy out of action.


  1. Ha!

    I never, ever considered the effect of this as an isk sink. That's a very interesting observation there...

    Another perspective: If I am not mistaken, the daily PLEX market in Jita is about 2000 sales per day (or 1.4 trillion isk, roughly). On the "bad" months, CCP has seized 3-5 days of PLEX.

    If the people who purchased isk on the black market instead purchased PLEX, CCP's finances would be improved, and supply on the market would increase, making PLEX prices a bit more reasonable.

    1. Interestingly some people don't realize they can buy from CCP because they have always gone to sellers. The stories that occasionally pop up are wild.

  2. Here's a clip from the 2012 Economy presentation where Dr. Eyjo talks about the size of the isk sinks and faucets to give some perspective on the size of the seizures. The clip should start in the right place.

  3. In the forum thread about this week's Caldari Manhunt live event, both Eterne and Falcon say that the PLEX prizes for the event come from confiscated RMTers. I thought that was fascinating, from an in-game economy standpoint as well as how it looks security and PR-wise.

    1. in the video Noizy posted (thanks!), at 32 min 25 seconds, the same is also mentioned.

      ... I hope this won't backfire somehow ha

    2. Heh. It has the same vibe (to me, anyway) as police departments where I live turning vehicles confiscated from drug dealers into cop cars.