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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Saved by the game mechanic

These can often go either way but on this occasion the game mechanic saved me.

Below i am attempting to sell a Capital Semiconductor Memory Cell I and i have put one too many 9's in the sell price and so i am attempting to sell about 10x above the normal sale price.  If that had gone through then it would have cost me 18.7m ISK in Broker Fees which would have effectively been wasted and likely wiped out my profits for the sale on this product.

As with all traders, i am typing in my sell price at lightning speed and so could miss the clues in the image below.

Fortunately, the game mechanic kicked in and asked me if i really wanted to go ahead with this.  I was saved from myself.

In the moment between pressing "enter" on the sale price and the warning box coming up, my life generally goes into slow motion.

On other occasions the sale price goes through and i waste between 10m to 100m on Broker Fees.

In all, i suspect i am break-even on blunders.


  1. Something similar happened to me the other day. I sold a mod for 25 ISK rather than the 25 million ISK I meant to sell it for.

    But since I had the highest buy order I sold it to myself. All I lost was the 100 ISK it cost to post the order. =)

    1. That's a good observation. I will make it a habit to update my buy orders before my sell orders in the future.