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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Eve Fanfest 2015: Confessions of an EVE Trillionaire

In this years Eve Fanfest 2015, instead of the usual Eve Economy talk there was a player talking about their route to making 1bn ISK.

Well worth watching:

The player gives a potted history of his route to a trillion ISK over 20 minutes.

At about 3:00 in he talks about how he stumbled into Trading.

At about 3:45 he talks about starting with 20m ISK and making his first billion using Regional Trading.

He talks about his mistakes and rage quitting.  Borrowing 2bn ISk from corp mates (7:00 in).

At 7:40 talks about moving into the Plex market.

At 8:00 talks about using Patch note information to make 9.5bn profit.

At 9:15 talks about what tools he uses.

At 10:20 he talks about going to the (market) forums to borrow ISK using a trusted third party and collateral to invest about 440bn ISK in a project, making 74bn ISK profit.

At 13:00 he talks about Plex prices ending up with the observation that volumes are falling and prices are rising.

At 16:30 in he gives an outline guide on how to set up a strategy given the constraints of Time available / Cost / Risk appetite.

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