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Sunday 3 May 2015

Eve Fanfest 2015 - Courier Contracts

In this year's Eve Fanfest a member of Red Frog gave a talk.  Red Frog is one of the Hauling corporations in Eve Online that make their money by hauling contracts made privately to them from A to B.  Personally, i use Push Industries.

It is a 24 minutes presentation and a very good watch:

At 2:20 in he talks about what a Courier Contract is, how it works and how collateral works.

At 5:40 in he talks about what Red Frog is, what they fly and each of the three divisions (2 Hi-Sec, 1 Low-Sec).

At 10:00 in he talks about gankers and the maths of ganking.

At 14:00 in he talks about recruitment and the insurance scheme they have.

At 17:00 in he opens it up for questions from the floor.

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