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Sunday 7 June 2015

The Plex Account

A while back i discovered that i was collecting too much surplus ISK and i needed something to invest it in - which lead to me to investing in Plex.  My thinking was that this was the one item in game that could keep pace with inflation in Eve Online.

Don't look at the mineral prices as a guide to inflation - look at the ISK cost of keeping up with the game as a guide to inflation in Eve Online, it is going up.

My reasoning what that the ideal characteristics of such an investment would be:

  • Price linked somehow to the rising wealth in the game though i also want the price to be independent of individual specific items
  • Controlled supply - i want the supply of my investment to be limited or restrained so that as a scarce resource its value can grow as wealth in the game grows
  • Readily converted to ISK no matter what the environment - come war, peace, patch, expansion, you name it i want my investment to be recognised by all players at all times as something of value
  • Sufficiently liquid to convert to ISK in a short period of time - i.e. i can sell my investment very quickly into the market for a fair price
  • Power Proof - i don't want any player / alliance power base able to control the price of my investment
  • Patch / expansion proof - i don't want my investment to be materially reduced in value on the whim of a change in a patch or expansion.

Which lead me to Plex.

Well, one year later i now own 94 Plex valued at 83bn ISK.

In all, I have entered the market 6 times to buy those Plex and by average gain has been 24.2% (a range of 38.8% to 10.6%).

So far, at least, my theory is holding true on investing in Plex.

However, it is fair to say that whilst i meet one side of the CCP aim of Plex (i am providing liquidity to those players that which to sell buy Plex for US$ and then sell that Plex for ISK), i am part of the player base that is forcing the price of Plex up (i don't plan on selling my Plex any time soon).


  1. Yeah, the ever-increasing in-game prices for PLEX are great, esp. for those of us who prefer to buy ISK rather than grind ISK. Ever since CCP stopped actively attempting to manage the PLEX market, my corp mates and I have probably saved a couple thousand USD, over what we used to shell out back when CCP was keeping the price down around 500M or so.

  2. Dr Eyjo has said that he never attempted to manage the ISK cost of plex, only the volatility. I tend to take him at his word.

    For those like me who need or want to plex their accounts, this is bad news post. If it goes up much more, it will start to drive people from the game.

  3. Like yesterday I had to buy a plex at 1.3b 2 days ago was at 1.19b I think it's an item that is too valuable to change price like that. If I don't buy I won't be able to play the game. We need to keep changing the methods we make isk because of these prices.