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Monday, 28 September 2015

A possible sink for Plex - ganker get out of jail card

So, i was ganked at the weekend at an undock point in Jita.  My own fault, Obelisk carrying 2.2bn ISK if cargo.  For i am a fool.  Ganker let me go with my Obelisk once i had jettisoned my cargo.

I warped to my undock point but the ganker was all over me before i had aligned.  And the rest, as they say, was history.

So, anyway, whilst i was watching the ganker undock ship after ship from the larger ship (i assume a carrier) to attack me whilst bumping me with another ship i did wonder if Plex could not be used to save my sorry self here.

So, lets say i could use one Plex to cause Concord to web any ship(s) that are bumping me?  For say a few mins to let me get away?

In effect, i could carry up to 5bn of cargo, say, and i would be willing to use up to 4 Plex to protect me on my journey, in an emergency.  Clearly, that is not a good business model - but i still come out on top (given the alternative was to lose 5bn of Cargo and a ship and pod).

Now, it would not be long before people like myself run out of Plex so this would be all the rage for a few weeks then die down as surplus Plex is used up.

And, you know, maybe half the ISK cost of the Plex used could go to the ship being webbed by Concord - as a compensation to the (would be) ganker?

Anyway, perhaps a suitable sink for Plex?

Clearly, could also cause Plex to rise if it is seen as a way of getting away from a ganker in an emergency!

But, more likely, i suspect it will use up Plex sitting in hangers doing nothing.


  1. That would be pay-not-to-lose, aka pay-to-win.

    A better mechanic would make a dead obelisk a frenzy of pvp during, and more importantly, after the corpse is on the ground. Here's how:

    Make the wreck owned by concord. Anyone can access it, but anyone who does, including the original owner, gets a suspect flag. Bam, instant content with the likelihood of creating even more content.

    The best way of stretching this content is to force people to need salvagers in order to loot wrecks. The days of picking over things with a fast ship aren't doing the game much good. It would be better if you got a random greenlisted module, rig components or some refinable metal scraps with every pull, no need whatsoever for failed pulls. The trick is just having a finite amount of everything. If someone downs a whale, it could mean content for hours for the local scavengers to fight over.

  2. PLEX already saves you from that ganking mechanic (dropping ships from a bowhead): you can start an alt that flies a logi ship that reps the armor of the Obelisk.

  3. Did this incident happen in Jita? If so, it wasn't a carrier, more likely a Bowhead.

    Either way, if they were jettisoning ships during a gank, then the goal is to distract Concord. This is a bannable exploit and you should report it.