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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Someone has Blundered

. . . . . . namely me, again.

I was putting up a Sell Order for two Drake Blueprints and I fingers literally trip off my mouse onto the Enter key.

I was aiming to sell for somewhere nearer then 699m mark and ended up selling for 10k each.

A nice loss of 1.4bn.  That was annoying, to say the least.

Now, blundering is all part of the game.  I get that.  And these cheeky Buy Orders are set up to catch such blunders.  I get that also.  CCP is not there to protect idiots.  I get that.  Mistakes are made in Ship pvp, so why not on the market also?  I get that.

That said, there can surely be a mechanism where the Sell Order for any item defaults to the last price I posted a similar Sell Order?  I note this happens occasionally but not always.  Heck, there could even be an additional ISK fee to pay to activate such a mechanism.

It would save me a bundle.  Has been a while since I got a blunder in my favour.


  1. Doesn't the system give a "warning; your order is below/above" something something are a stop point in the process?

    1. It does, but you can click the box and turn it off. To Vince below really? I have bought plenty of things mismarked for cheaper, or been charge more to get my $5 for being overcharged.

  2. CCP marketing used to state that "Eve is real". That was, and is, utter crap. No open market on the planet allows complete laissez faire transactions like that to flow through. They all have checks and balances.

  3. It's not about protecting "idiots". The system is just flawed and serves only who uses bots. I do not blame anyone who runs scripts to do market trading. I can't think of one reason for market to behave like that. It's just bad design and I don't care who says what.