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Monday, 17 June 2019

Wealth of 19.6bn

Well, the second week in June started off very slow but had a cracking weekend.

My wealth rose to 19.6bn isk vs the May month end of 16.1bn isk and that includes buying and using a Plex for the account.  In all, a rise of 2.3bn isk in the week.  Right up there with some of the best weeks so far.

I cant really explain the slow weekdays - even Thursday night was slow.  Of the 2.3bn profit made this week, perhaps only 0.3bn was made on the weekdays.

I was out of the country for most of the week, so nothing new to report.

Main item of note is that the Amarr seller is not really pulling his weight and i will need to investigate why.

On the list of things to do this week is to expand the items i can sell into Dodixie.  Right now, 76 items up for sale and am fast running out of the big items (i.e value over 200m) to sell.  My total Dodixie sales value is currently 20bn.

I am venturing back into skill books following the patch - so far so good, they have not been wiped out as a trade item to the degree that i thought they might.

I am also seeing if i can corner a few markets - some items have no sellers but clearly there is a small demand.  So i am trying to see if putting up a stack of volume will allow me to gain some low effort income.

Needless to say, the Manufacturing plans have got nowhere fast.

i have settled down to paying 1% of the collateral on courier contracts as the fee - that almost always gets it done in a couple of hours.


I am hoping i can do better in June.  The aim has to be for 7bn isk increase in wealth (after paying for Plex) - on track so far.

Aims for June:
1) Continue to expand the Dodixie trader sell orders
2) Plex the account and build up some surplus Plex.
3) Build up the Amarr trading business

Current wealth is 19.6bn ISK made up from:
  • items for sale 24.4bn ISK
  • less a 20% provision 4.9bn ISK*
  • Plex held (0 Plex) 0.0bn ISK
  • items in storage for sale 0.0 ISK
  • ISK in wallet 0.1bn ISK
I don't count assets I use in the course of my business such as ships, fittings etc nor do I add back any expenses such as skills purchased etc.  The wealth I disclose is made up of items that are ISK or are in the process of being converted to ISK.

* I take a 20% provision against the items I am selling.  Eve calculates wealth by adding up the value of the sell orders hence it is possible to increase your wealth by buying an item for 100m ISK and putting a sell order for 120m ISK (in this case your wealth would increase by 20m ISK).  For me, I want my wealth to be calculated at cost.  I know that the value of my sell orders will likely fall over time as I update my orders downwards as competition reduces their prices before my items are sold.  Hence the 20% provision is my best guess as to what the maximum reduction I would need to make to my sell orders as a whole before they are sold.  In an ideal world I would value my sell orders at the value which I bought the items for.


  1. Love this blog - your original series got me started in station trading. I just restarted myself after a long time away. Glad to see you back as well. Keep it up. I'd love to see some more specifics (if you have items you've moved out of, for example). o7

    1. thank you, will put my mind to putting up some examples

  2. Hey retuning player thats been following your blog for quite some time. What program are you using to track your sales and wealth?

    1. a normal spreadsheet - i should probably investigate a third party app but for now i just note down the basics at the end of each week/month