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Monday 30 November 2020

Starting in the Amarr Market

I have decided to set up an alt in the Amarr market.  Still the second largest trade hub after Jita.

Business Strategy

in prior periods of playing Eve, i had shied away from Amarr given its competitiveness.

Now, i don't know if Amarr is more or less competitive than before but i am using my standard strategy of focusing on high margin, slow moving items to avoid the competition, i now have 7bn items for sale in Amarr.  I contract out the hauling - still plenty of people willing to take the long route around from Jita to Amarr.

I don't sell exactly the same items in Amarr as i do in Dodixie but there are some overlaps.  Broadly though the groups are the same: skillbooks; blueprints; ship equipment; and implants.

In total, i have 40 items for sale at a time.

In fact, i am running out of Trade slots, my maximum is 45 - hence i will need to increase my skills to post more items for sale.

Character Trade Abilities

My character is trained in Trade Skills to:

Accounting Level 4 - means my Sales Tax rate is 1.4%
Broker Relations Level 4 - means it costs me 3.8% to list items for sale
Contracting level 4
Marketing Level 1
Retail Level 3
Trade Level 4

It took me under a month to get to these levels.

My next step, in the next two days, will be to raise Retail to Level 5 and Marketing to Level 2 in order to start on Wholesale - that will take me about 11 days from point of start.  The additional two levels of Retail will give me 8x2 = 16 additional selling slots, and each level of Wholesale will give me 16 selling slots.

Once i have enough Trade slots i will start training Advanced Broker Relations, which will reduce the cost of changing the price of a Sell order, my current cost is 3.8%/2 = 1.9% (i.e. half of Broker Relations cost)

It feels like it is going well so far.  I will get a clearer update in the next few days when i assess how November has been.

Now using all three alts

Therefore, as i stand today all 3 alts are in use: Seller in Dodixie; Seller in Amarr; Buyer in Jita (who is training to go into manufacturing).

I want to get this lot running before i think of starting another account - and i must remember i limit the time i spend on Eve Online to 45 mins a day.

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