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Monday, 9 November 2020

Disintegrator Skill Books - the massive price spike

The Small / Medium / Large Disintegrator Skills are needed to operate the Tech II Triglavian Weaponry.

Up until a few days ago they were sourced from drops in Abyssal Deadspace.

That now seems to have stopped and therefore, at present, there are no new Disintegrator Skillbooks coming into the game.

All the details are on Strange Net's excellent youtube series, the relevant youtube cast is here

As would be expected, this has caused a price spike:

Now,  the question of course is whether this was a deliberate decision by CCP or a mistake?

The only way, it seems, of being able to use a Tech II Triglavian weapon is by learning one of these skills.  And Skillbooks are consumable items - once used they are destroyed.  Unlike Blueprint originals, for example.

So in the face of the new supply being cut to zero, the prices have done exactly what we would expect them to do - risen sharply and the supply on the market is falling fast.

I have made good ISK during this rise though without really realising what was going on.

The risk now is that CCP reinstates drops or somehow seeds the skillbooks into the game again - in which case the prices will drop rapidly.

For now, i think i will pull away from this market.  I might be wrong but i only have Wealth of 9bn isk as i write this post so sitting on a 500m isk loss from one item would be noticeable.


  1. You're a little wrong about what actually happened here. The books stopped dropping in Abyssal space, but are now purchasable from Triglavian LP stores in Pochven (Triglavian space), by trading items that drop from Pochven NPCs for them.

    The price remains high for now because relatively few people are farming Pochven rats.

    1. The change got reversed with today's patch, now they drop in the Abyss again.