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Sunday, 8 August 2021

lesson to self: read the updates more carefully. Nullifiers are now an active model, not a passive ability

So, i am off flying around low and null sec in my Victorieux Luxury Yacht - when, wham, i run straight into a warp bubble and a well placed container de-cloaks me.

It appears that The Great Escape update in May 2021 turned the Yacht's passive nullification into a high slot module.  Fortunately another high-slot was added so i can still use this vessel for flying around low and null sec.

Unfortunately it is not that simple.  I need to activate the nullifier which will only last 30 seconds a jump and then i cant reactivate it again for another 30 seconds.  This is seriously going to crimp my ability to get around low / null sec.

So, i have started to train for it all and i will see how it goes.  But the days of me wondering into low/null sec will need to be re-appraised.
The only bit of good news here was that there was no-one there to watch me slow boat it through the warp bubble - though i did see a wreak or two!

Lesson to self: read the updates more carefully.

Explanation on how to use them here:

As an aside, the only ship that now has passive nullifier is the Shuttle!

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