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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Pricing items for sale when competing with items scattered around a region

i see this alot - the question is "what do i price my item for sale at the main regional trading station?":

below there is one item for sale in the main regional trading station for 173m but 6 jumps out there are 6 items for sale at 130m and 10 jumps out another for sale at 130m and 11 jumps out one more for sale at 172.9m.

So this is really a question as to what premium can i post in the main trading station vs 130m 6 jumps out.  will 170m or 165m or 160m or 155m be best?

Judging by the expiry time on each sale, competition is low (otherwise i would be seeing expiry times of 88 and 89 days).

Volumes are just how i like it, about 1 sold every 5-10 days.

Most of the sales are not at 130m.

So, lets think this through.  A player wants to buy this item.  They are most likely at the main trading station in the Region.  Do they jump 6 jumps to spend 130m or stay where they are any pay 172m?  Or, if i put the item up for sale at 165m would that make it even more enticing vs time spent travelling?

In Eve, when considering the value of an item to another player think also about the time another player would spend to travel to pick up an item a few 10s of millions cheaper.

So, in this case, i am pretty sure if i put the item up for sale for 165m in the main trading station then most players would not bother to make that 6 jumps to get the 130m.

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