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Sunday, 29 May 2022

11bn ISK of monthly sales now needed for an Omega Account

Thinking about a fourth Omega account

With the cost of 500 Plex needed to get a 30 day Omega account then doing the maths assuming optimised sales tax, listing and relisting fees and spending 2% on courier fees, and not forgetting my 25% margin target means i need to generate 11bn isk of sales over 2 alts.

the maths: 11bn x 25% = 27.7bn isk, less 2% courier fees, 3.6% sales tax, 1.5% listing fees and 0.3% relisting fees gives me 1.9bn isk for the Plex.

So, I need 11bn isk of sales per month over two alts to make an Omega account work.  i like the third alt to be in Jita.

Progress to date

So far, of the current Alpha accounts the combination of Alentene and Arnon can get me to 6-10bn per month on 17 selling slots each.  So, not quite there yet.

I could just take the risk but currently i am still stocking up the six current locations i mainly operation from: Amarr; Dodixie; Rens; Hek; Sobaseki; and Tash-Murkon Prime.

Also, the market is slowing down since Fanfest - so i am a bit nervous in taking a risk for now.

May be time to look for other High Sec locations

May strategy is to have a trading location open in all High Sec regions.  With the hope that i can combine two locations at a time to Plex the account with the third alt in Jita.

I am still hopeful of making more progress on this front but i suspect i will have to find better locations in the remaining regions outside my six current ones (seven if include The Forge).

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  1. I wonder where the balance will end up. Will the PLEX price increase cause a big jump in inflation? If people can't PLEX their accounts comfortably, will they stop using them or start paying for them? Will less people PLEX their accounts - until the drop in demand lowers the price to make it worthwhile again?