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Monday 27 June 2022

Items for sale in Trade Hub Regions below the Trade Hub Prices

I see this quite often in Rens and Hek, less so in Dodixie and Amarr and never in Jita.

If, for example, the prices for an item in the Trade Hub are 350m isk i will occasionally see the item for sale in another station in the Region for, say, 280m isk.

The question therefore when i am at the Trade Hub is "what do i put my item for sale at?  350m or 280m?"

The answer is always 350m.

A buyer of the item is unlikely to leave the Trade Hub station to travel to another station to save 70m isk.  Certainly if the item is 11 jumps away and even if it is only 1 jump away.

It is dangerous enough leaving the trade hub let alone docking into station just to save 70m isk.

It is also time consuming.

Players are here to shoot at other ships, not traverse the universe to save a bit of isk.

Almost everyone will pay up or not pay at all.

In summary, ignore prices outside of Trade Hubs in the Trade Hub region.  The Trade Hub prices are all that matter.

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