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Monday, 21 November 2022

Free 1m skill points

This is well known so i am not bringing in anything new here

There has always been a recruit-a-friend scheme but what makes this different is that you can still get the 1m skill points today if you were not recruited to Eve Online before.  I.e. free 1m skill points to most accounts, even those that are almost 20 years old.

But some people have asked how they can be recruited by me

The quick and simple way is to click on the image below or use this link:

You will get a Eve Online page like this - click on the "Log in to become a recruit" to log into your account to sign up:

What do all Parties get from this?

what is in it for everyone is all covered on the Eve Online Recruit a Friend page, and more details on a Support Post

What do you get: 1m skill points per account for all accounts, Alpha and Omega, that have not been through a recruitment scheme before.  That includes your main account that may have recruited your other accounts historically but not itself been recruited.

What do i get: i get awards depending on your progress with respect to upgrading to Omega (i get 15 days Omega for the first upgrade), buying Plex for real money (i get 4 x 24 hour accelerators); and the more recruits i get then additional goodies kick in as they upgrade to Omega (skins, omega and plex).

I think i get the 15 days Omega and 4x24hour accelerators retrospectively (i.e. based on historic actions) - but i am not sure.

Do i get anything from you now or ever: No.

Any catches?

Yes - does not work with Steam Accounts.

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