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Monday, 13 February 2023

Oz_Eve: Zero to Omega challenge

Oz, the creator of Oz_Eve on Twitch and youtube, is doing a project to take an alpha account from scratch to Omega.

The starting point

No set time frame but it is the project of the day.  So i estimate it will take 1 or 2 months.

The seed capital is the 25m ISK you get from the initial training missions.  He is taking no other capital and is taking a brand new account with three characters from scratch.

The characters are placed in Jita, Amarr and Dodixie though Oz happily admits the more efficient route would be to put all three characters in Jita.  Using Station Trading only.  Taking 30 minutes only per day.

The content

For aspiring marketeers this is well worth watching.

The videos are going up on his youtube channel and he does videos during the week on his twitch channel.

Good content on the twtich shows with his audience chiming in with their thoughts.

The first show on Youtube sets it all up ready to go.

Oz has done this before, all on his youtube channel starting with this show, Oz's Zero to PLEX Challenge - Day 1 - Eve Online Trading

The point is:

The overriding point here is that if successful it will demonstrate how to play Eve for free, right from the start.

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