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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Copying the quickbar from one account to another

Copying the quickbar from one account to another in 4 easy steps . . . . which is something I needed to do when I set up a new account this weekend.  I wanted all the quickbar items from my current account to be seen on the new account without me having to manually update this.

Worth noting: The method below will copy all settings not just the quickbar.

I have Windows 7 Professional.

The aim is to take this file: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\settings\core_user_1234567.dat

Where <user> is your user name on the computer and <1234567> is the seven digit identifier of your account . . . . . . . and copy the file from one account to another.

In the folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\settings\ there will be one core_user_1234567.dat file per account.

Hence, the steps i used were:

Lets assume the file with the quickbar i wish to copy over is core_user_1122334.dat and the file that i wish to overwrite is core_user_7788990.dat

The easy way to tell which seven digit number is which is to log in to an account and then log out – the latest updated file is refers to the account you logged into.  However, step 1 of the below method ensures we have a backup just in case!

Also, if you have a new account that you are copying the file into then core_user_7788990.dat will have the size of about 1kb vs the file to copy which will be much larger, mine was 54kb.

  1. Get to the folder C:\Users\<ser\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\settings where <user> is your user name on the computer.  You may have to unhide folders or do what i did which was to search for CCP Windows Explorer
  2. Play safe and copy the core_user_7788990.dat and rename it to core_user_7788990-copy.dat.  Best to play safe in case something goes wrong
  3. Delete core_user_7788990.dat
  4. Copy core_user_1122334.dat and rename the copy to core_user_7788990.dat

You should now have 3 files in the C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\settings\ folder

  • core_user_7788990-copy.dat which is a copy of the old file
  • core_user_1122334.dat which is the file in one account that you wanted to copy
  • core_user_7788990.dat is a copy of the above file in the new account

job done!

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