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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Buying Plex

I have started buying the Plex to extend the Omega game time

I have 12 days to buy 500 Plex to extend my Omega gametime by 30 days.  At todays prices that is about 1.3bn isk.

Mu aim is to maintain the Sales Orders in Dodixie at 1.8bn isk and use the daily profits to buy Plex.

So far I am buying 40 Plex a day (=100m isk per day).  i already have 120.

I could try and liquidate enough Items to get the 1.3bn isk required but the danger here is that i will be trying to raise the last 300m for Sales Orders that may be too slow.  Also, the more Sales Orders i have up then the faster it will be to raise the isk to buy the Plex in October.

So, i am making a judgement call that i can make 100m daily profits from 1.8bn Sales Orders which will get me sufficent Plex with about three days to spare.

If my daily profits are more, i will buy more Plex.

As an aside, 100m daily profits equates to monthly profits of 3bn isk which is not a bad return on 1.8bn of capital required.  These are small numbers and, of course, not scalable.  i.e. when my wealth gets to 180bn i will not be generating monthly profits of 300bn!

Thinking about the monthly Plex requirement

Each month i will need to buy 500 Plex to extend my Omega game time.

That, therefore, will be a known liability that i must settle and therefore should be detracted from my Wealth.

Currently, though, the entire aim of the Trading is to raise the isk to pay buy the Plex as well as expand the Sales Operations in Dodixie even after this payment.

Therefore, I think for now i will leave it out of the calculations and just think of my wealth as being "wealth before Plex payment" but at some stage it will be included.

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