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Friday, 25 September 2020

Fair Pricing - the gift that keeps on giving

Or, more correctly, avoid price gauging.

An example

I see this loads of times.  An item that can be bought in Jita for say 48m is being sold in Dodixie for 124m.  It is selling at 1 every 2 days.

Instead, what i do is put the item up for sale for 99m - still a very good margin, almost obsene in itself - and now sales are 1 or 2 a day.  And i am 1 or 2 of those daily sales.

The competition has not moved from 124m.  They still get their 1 every 2 days.  They are happy.

But i now pick up 50-100m profit from this item each day.

The lesson here

The point here is that there is a limit that Buyers wont pay up if the price difference to Jita is absurd.  But if a 'cheap' deal turns up they will pounce.  And if the competition does not realise this then it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

A secondary point is that a market that looks like it is dead can be sparked into life if the pricing is not absurd.  Its a fine line to tread - i may try and find that there is no demand for the item at a normal margin anyway.  But if i see sales actually happening then i can surely take that risk.  I will eventually sell the item in the normal time scale and then move on or i will accelerate the market sales rate and stay to collect the daily profits.


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  2. Reminds me of a comment within a post from (much more aggressive) Gevlon. I'm parapharsing, but he'd price some items to capture margin wayyy below the current lowest sell order. In severely overpriced items, he'd see the market come back to life and capture the the real volume that it would generate.

    You also help the market out by generating customers that (hopefully) start to rely on sell orders for items they need instead of farming or importing due to absurd costs.

    There is higher risk, of course, because you could be stuck with an item that despite the high markup is already at the saturation volume. But that's why you put low volumes and "test" it out to get a feel. Only import when the current item (or small stack of items) gets sold on market.

    Then you gather data and assess.

    Love to see that you're back posting. Looking forward to reading & interacting. :)

    P.S.: Post removed before because my Grammar brain had taken a stroll and mistakes happened.

    1. yes, one or two items it looks like i may be stuck with for a while!

  3. How often do you find that you are having to changes prices now that do do so costs a lot more money.

    1. i should have some data to answer this in a few days. I suspect on one or two items i am making very little profit after all the price changes.