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Saturday, 11 January 2014

An interesting trade in the starter area.

Whilst doing the beginner missions for my alt that i placed in Rens i noticed the selling price of Civilian Afterburners was c700k ISK and the buying price was c250k ISK.

The manufacturing price of a Civilian Afterburner is practically nil (a few Tritanium).

The volumes going through are high.

What appears to be happening here is that instead of spending time manufacturing the Civilian Afterburners (takes 8 minutes for two but there is often a queue to get a manufacturing slot) players can buy them off the market and so complete the mission almost instantly.  And there are other players who are willing to take advantage of this situation and put highly priced Civilian Afterburners on the market to sell and perhaps others who are placing buy orders to flip.

The key point here is that the mission agent only gives you a Blueprint Copy (BPC) that can only produce 2 Civilian Afterburners you need to complete the mission before it is used up.

What i can't readily work out is how this is done.  I am guessing either alts are logged on, do the mission, manufacture the items and then just sell them without completing the mission.  Or the mission is started, items manufactured but then the mission is failed so that the agent gives another BPC and so on.

A nice trade for a beginner though.


  1. Pretty much alts. Also, you can run around to all of the agents and collect the items to do the mission. It is the kind of background busy work that people do.

  2. During the training missions you acquire 3 civilian afterburners and need only 2 for the mission. I don't remember where the extra one comes, probably mission reward.

  3. I did my first trading steps using this item and I made 50M isk from that product
    in my first month playing eve
    it's funny to see a post about this exact item :-)