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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Page up on the Blog: Useful Videos

I have added a new page to my blog which keeps a list of youtube videos that i have found helpful in teaching me how to make ISK in Eve Online.

Please feel free to suggest additional videos that you also have found helpful.

Below is a copy of the page as it is currently set up:

The links below are to youtube videos that I have found helpful in my quest to make ISK.


Draze Swift Products has a good long 1hr 20mins video on station trading in his Eve online Videos in this play list.

A good Station Trading video from TubravTV

Three trading videos from Caleb Ayrania in this play list.


Pretty much all Eve online videos by andrewthered1 in this play list.

manufacturing video from delonewolf

Tech 2 manufacturing guide from speedytuning1 and some further manufacturing videos in his playlist

General business / industrial activities

A 20 minutes video by delonewolf talking about how he made his ISK

A general ISK making video by KensCrazyGaming on how he makes his ISK

In amongst all these videos, there are some good ISK making 
videos from SeamusDonohueEVE

A very good set of ISK making videos in the form of presentations from krill sinqlaison in this play list

Making Instant undock bookmarks

There are some good youtube videos on this:

A good 10 minute easy watch from Cubehamster on undocking and docking

As an alternative, here is a video that looks at how gankers can counter instant undocking from Ureldor

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