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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Scams in local chat

If you ever want to see what some of the scams look like - watch local chat at a trade hub and take a look at some of the "offers" being made by clicking on the link in the local chat window.

Whilst i am at it, as a rule, never accept a deal on offer in local chat - 99% of the time it is a scam.

It took me a while to see the scam in the example below.

The seller was offering to sell a Plex for 585m ISK when the market price was 625m ISK.  At first glance, that is what appeared to be on offer . . . . . . until i read it through several times: I would pay 585m, i would get 1 Plex, and then i would pay a Plex . . . . . in other words i would pay 585m ISK for nothing.  A very simple scam but deceptive in its simpleness!  It took me a while to see the "You Will Pay" part at the bottom.

The next one is a much more common scam i see.

The seller is offering to sell three several items for a price of 549m ISK.

A market check of the Imperial Nay Energized Kinetic Membrane looks interesting, these items may sell for 655m ISK each:

But the history check of the price reveals the scam:

The items actually sell for 40m ISK each!

It is likely that the person who posted these two items for sale at 655m ISK and the person offering the contract in local chat are one and the same.


  1. Rule of Thumb: If its in Jita local chat, its a scam. Period.

  2. The first scam screenshot you posted actually sent shivers down my spine. Took me a long moment to see that as well. Eeeeeeee!