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Saturday 8 February 2014

Using the Quickbar

Following on from a question i had from a reader i suspect it is worth pointing this out to everyone:

There are two ways to keep a track of your sell orders (and buy orders).

The first way, which is the official game mechanic, is via the Wallet Window (alt +w), My Wallet >>> Orders.

That will show you all your sell orders in the current region sorted by item or time etc.

I find this method tedious to update my orders - you have to select the sell order, double click on it to bring it up in the Market Window and then right click it to modify the order.

The second way is to use the Quickbar.

In the Market Window (alt +r) there are two tabs: Browse and Quickbar.

In the Quickbar window you can add items by dragging from the Browse tab and dropping onto the Quickbar tab.

You can set up folders in the Quickbar tab to hold various items - such a folder for each set of items you are selling in different trade hubs.

The advantage of using the Quickbar is that you only need to click on the item once to bring it up in the market window and, indeed, you can use the down arrow key to scroll through each item in the Quickbar.  That makes it much quicker to check and update your orders.


  1. Croda,

    Thank you for all of the helpful information. I have a question about trade items management. I use folder as you've suggested here but when I look for new items I do not always add them to their appropriate folder. Basically I'm disorganized. Is it just matter of policing oneself and always adding any new item you trade to it's correct folder? Also, what do you do with old items that were once profitable but are not anymore. Sometimes I can trade an item once before it's not worth it or sometimes it goes on for weeks. Any tips on this would be great. Thanks.

    1. Yes, policing yourself is key. My folders are a reflection of my spreadsheets so I can at least go back and check for items that I may have missed out.

      I tend to organise my folders by trade routes (Jita - Dodixie) and by families of products that I sell in all locations (I.e. those items that I manufacture).

      For items that are no longer profitable I move them to a separate folder on the quickbar that is dedicated for low profit items but related to the folder it came from (I.e. Jita - Dodixie small).