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Monday, 16 June 2014

An odd trade

I can't say i am too sure what i am seeing below.

There are two items, each with a very low sell order in at 1m ISK, which is not only way below the Region fair price but also below the Jita Buy and Sell order prices.

At first glance, it may be someone meaning to put up a Buy order or just blundered on putting up their sell order.

In any event, i purchased both items - a sure winner on my part and perhaps a blunder on the sellers part.

But then i inspected the recent Sells i had made and discovered i had sold these items to the same player (name withheld to protect a dignity!) who had then re-listed them to sell at these low prices:

So, not really sure what is happening here . . . . . . . 


  1. It's always possible he's listing them in hopes another seller will undercut him so he can buy them out.

    That can work sometimes, particular against bots. If the bot is poorly configured you just wait until things are slow, list something at a ridiculously low price and the bot will automatically undercut you on his next posting cycle.

    I haven't done that in Eve but it worked very well in WoW where the bots would undercut within seconds. You could buy out his entire stock in hardly any time.

  2. Or he purchased them by mistake and knows nothing about listing and selling things. By date... did he buy for rig changes for jump freighters?

    1. CDFE's that might be possible but not Warhead Catalysts.

      It could always be the brother/friend being mean thing too.

  3. Probably bought the wrong size by accident and wanted to minimize his losses.

  4. lag in the market window can cause errors in your entry. I remember selling moxnix a few things at 1isk because the market window didn't register what i typed before updating