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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Guest Posts Welcome

This is aimed at the non-bloggers out there though also of course includes the blogging community.

If anyone would like to submit a Guest Blog Post on any business related topic they want then feel free to contact me.

The idea is that you would submit a Blog Post which i would post on this blog and then you can handle the incoming comments.

So, for those of you who don't have a blog but a burning desire to express your views - this is for you.

Even if those views are to rubbish my strategy, all fair game.

You have a trading view? Or want to share your successes? Or want to talk about how you go about making ISK?  All are welcome.

Contact me by email (see my About the Blog Page) or ingame (Ingame chat channel: Ironforge Commerce Guild)


  1. Hey croda, hope its OK to ask this here.

    I have been starting like you did, buying items in Jita, shipping and selling in Dodixie. My problem is that every couple of days the items dry up and the margins close. The first couple of days trading were great, I had about 30 items bringing in great profits, but within a week I am now down to about 15 and it closes by 3-5 items every day. It is at the point where I am spending lots of time every day just searching for new items to trade, and it seems to be getting harder.

    My question is, how often are you cycling through items? Do you have items that pay out for weeks or months at a time? Or is it normal for the margins to close after only a day or two? Any advice would be great!

    FYI I am trading slow moving items with >%20 margin worth at least 50-100m.

    1. i found item priced from 50m to about 150m tend to be quite competitive even for slow moving items. Hence, i had the same experience as you did. Once you get into items priced at 200m it is not so bad.

      My advice would be to keep on researching for new items to sell.

  2. I've found that the slow moving items requires a lot of patience and probably a lot of items on sell orders.

    Its probably better to look at what is selling and what is being bought vs just how many are turning hands in a day. A number of times i've noticed that those slow moving items are only being sold to buy orders and never sell with sell orders. Just a thought.

    1. yes - that is absolutely correct. The trading history needs to be checked to ensure there are sales going through at the selling price.