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Saturday, 19 July 2014

A quick paper profit.

I saw this recently:

So, i am selling some Capital Sentry Damage Augmentor I's and up there is a sell order for 2 items at 30m each, way below the other sell orders.  There were no Buy orders.  And the sell order price at Jita is 58m and the Buy order price at Jita is 55m.

So, clearly this looks like a mis-posting.

I suspect one of two things happened:

1. the poster tried to sell some of the items at 30m to an existing Buy order which was unable to cover the full volume (i.e. a buy order to buy 3 of the item was up but the seller tried to sell 5)

2. or the seller in this case meant to post a Buy order for 2 items at 30m

Either way, i took advantage and bought the 2 items at 30m to repost later at a higher price.

Its a paper profit for now until i can sell the items and get that ISK into my wallet.


  1. In this situation what happened to the big undercuts you generally make? would you put this up for say 55 mil ?

    1. yes, i put them back up at the market prevailing price.

  2. Nice catch, I've come across things like that in the past.

  3. Sometimes I am the one posting such orders. When wanting to free up ISK and buy orders are not efficient. At such a moment you want a fast and high turnover. By putting the order up on enough ISK to gain decent isk, but low enough to get attention of relisters, you get both.

    1. Yep. Ive done the same. Especially if it's something that competition has already driven below profitability for me. If Im going to have to sell at a loss, I might as well make it a quick one.