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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Someone blundered (perhaps), i gained (for sure)

This is another one of those posts where i was lucky enough to take advantage of either someone's blunder or a sale that did not complete - for former is a blunder, the latter is not.

In the image above one of two things has happened.  Either someone has decided to put a buy order up for 1 Capital Auxiliary Nano Pump but instead put a sell order up or someone has sold a bunch of them to buy orders which were not enough at the price specified and so one remaining sell order has remained up.

Eitherway, staring me in the face is the chance to purchase an item for 48m and put it back up to sell at 69m.

Promptly done!


  1. no its because it is 1 isk higher for a sell order. thats why the order was not filled.

  2. I always enjoy coming across one of these (regardless of how they happen). Seems like I see something like this every month or so. Profit!

  3. That only works if they sell at 48mill, im sure it will like. But I do see plenty of cases like this where the higher sellers have no hope of selling.

    1. Yeah. Good point. A quick glance at the price history of the item is always advisable to be sure that the prices are legit.