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Saturday 20 September 2014

Always check the volumes of potential sell ideas

Below we have an example of an item up for sale in Hek.  It looks promising.

I can buy the item in Jita from a Sell order for ISK and sell it in Hek for 350m ISK, as shown below.  A good trade.

However, a check of the volumes going through at Hek, shown below, makes a trade a non starter.  The last trade to go through was at 205m and before that 160m and 208m.  Therefore, it is somewhat unlikely that the Sell order of 350m will be fulfilled.


  1. Replies
    1. ok, i suspect it is staring me in the face - but where is the typo?

  2. A bit off of thread topic, but when you are looking for items that have at least one order per day but are generally low volume items, what is the max you would define as low volume?

    1. 1 order every 3 days would still be ok if there were just one other seller and the profit margin was at least 20%.

      It all depends how often i would need to update the order (the less the better), how many order slots i have left (i i have several then deploying Sell order that may take a week to fulfill is ok) and of course what the profit margin is.

  3. Incidentally, I saw the exact same "opportunity" shipping from Dodixie to Hek the day before you posted this. I avoided it. However, I have found some success in similar situations where I can undercut the existing order significantly and create a market for that item in a new hub. If you can price it fair people will buy it. I just couldn't come up with a fair price that would also be worth my time for this particular item.