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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Someone blundered - but asked politely for their ISK back.

I log in to see one of my alts with 2.3bn ISK in their wallet.  Not bad for one night.

But then there is also a mail waiting from a player - seems he blundered on entering a Buy order and my Sell order picked up the 1.2bn ISK or so extra:

and the current market backs this up:

Had this blunder gone silently i would have kept the ISK (and no doubt posted it on this blog).

However, to be fair to the player - he (i assume it is a he) did get in contact, was polite and there is no harm in attempting to reverse some of the loss.

So, the state of affairs is this:

  • i have a Sell order for 213m ISK
  • i get 1440m ISK
  • the player meant to do a Buy order for 144m ISK
  • the blunder in my favour benefited me by 1227m ISK (1440 - 213)
  • the blunder against the player hit him for 1296m ISK (1440 - 144)

So, i return 1.1bn ISK to the player and keep the other 100 - 200m ISK for myself to cover sundries like the sales tax (13m ISK) and a slap up meal at Miss Miggins Pie Shop (thats is a Blackadder reference).