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Saturday 21 February 2015

Someone made a Plex blunder

I noticed this when looking at the Plex market in one of the regions.

As shown in the image below, someone sold at least 1 Plex for 8.1m instead of the intended 811m (i suspect).  I can only assume this must have been a key input entry.

The image below shows where the current Buy and Sell orders were sitting:

The point here is that the market mechanics allowed the unfortunate seller to not even achieve the highest placed Buy orders but infact fill the best placed Buy order with the erroneous input Sell price.

Now, i am not sitting here suggesting the market mechanics need to be sorted out to prevent this from happening (Eve, after all, is Eve) but there has to be a good argument for having a toggle switch which the player can set to allow all sell orders they place to be, at worst, immediately settled by the best Buy order.  This will not save the Seller from avoiding the sale going through but it would at least prevent what has happened above.

It is very hard to think of a order driven market where the above can be allowed to happen in real life.

For sure, this would not help where there is only one Buy order of 1 ISK.  But it will help in many cases.

I also suspect that this would prevent some in game "money laundering" where the origins of illegally purchased ISK is disguised by making multiple transactions through seemingly unrelated players at little cost.

I only hope the seller of this Plex had not spent $15 on its purchase.

(For the record, the blunder was not committed by me!)