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Saturday 28 February 2015

Eve Online Videos - MagnasisEVE - some newbie guides

One of the Youtube channels i subscribe to is MagnasisEVE

He posts videos typically more than once a week one all aspects of the game.

However, what caught my eye was a recent series of six videos that focused on earning ISK for new players.

all titled the "Rookie Guide:" and covers Mining; Planetary Interaction; Missions; Gas Harvesting; and Salvaging.

It may not be talking making billions but it does nicely introduce a new player to some of the routes to making ISK other than through trading and manufacturing.

His recent uploads are also worthy of a look for ISK making ideas and general game play.

Embedded below is the playlist for the "Rookie Guide"

  1. Adding Color to Your Overview (time 10:30)
  2. Salvaging for ISK (time 18:28)
  3. Gas Harvesting for ISK (time 09:05)
  4. Missions for ISK (time 23:06)
  5. Planetary Interaction for ISK (time 28:53)
  6. Mining for ISK (time 26:31)

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