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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Eve 101

Continuing on from last week's post on useful quick videos:

I found  this website recently, Eve 101 (actually, i think i heard about it on the Crossing Zebras Podcast given it is part of Crossing Zebras).

It consists of a series of quick 5 to 10 minutes youtube clips going through the basics of Eve Online - so very much aimed at the new player.

So far nothing market related.

But some nice videos nonetheless.

Full list so far:

1. Key Concepts
2. The Pilot
3. The Ship
4. Modules
5. Drones
6. Player Groups
7. The Station Interface
8. The Neocom Menu
9. Ship User Interface


  1. I have a question, in your earliest posts you mention, "What I am looking for is to sell a range of items that sell at least once a day". How do you know how often an item is selling? Thanks this blog is awesome!

    1. when on the market screen for an item, click on the "Price History tab" (the default screen is the "Market Data" tab).

      The Price history Tab shows the volume sold per day (as well as the highest / lowest / average price).